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We all know that social media is a buzzword. Things we share on the social networks spread in viral behavior. From time to time an insane photo can create huge buzz all over the internet. A YouTube video of ridiculous person can make him celebrity overnight. This is the power of Social Media. Whatever you do and share to the social networks becomes a buzz. I’ve seen lots of companies who use Social Media to promote their products. The YouTube video they create becomes a huge opening to their company success and can you imagine the cost of the video? Sometimes it is not even a dollar. If you are a business person or a webmaster, if you do Social Media Optimization (SMO) effectively, you can gain a lot of success in short span of time. Webmasters can gain immense success with huge traffic to your website with just few techniques. If you are not aware of what is Social Media Optimization (SMO), I would please you to first read the earlier post to this edition “What Is Social Media All About?”

Social Media Optimization Techniques

First of all don’t confuse SMO with SEO. SEO has nothing to do with SMO. Sometimes SMO alone can bring enough traffic that you don’t even require to do any SEO. But that won’t be good because we want a healthy site with proper Search Engine Optimizations so that searchers can find us on the SERPs.

I give you an example site called They have not done any SEO so far. There is no metas, no keywords, no H1 tags and almost nothing. Then how does this site becomes India’s number one shopping website pushing behind eBay and Amazon? Flipkart becomes the 9th ranking website in India in the Alexa rankings. This is where the power of SMO arises. It’s all about buzz. Social Media Optimization is word of mouth which is worth to spread. When I say worth to spread it means that they are useful to someone who is seeing it or going to use it sometime.

I can give enough examples if I want but to your success and time, I will first write down the Social Medias techniques through which you can develop your social media presence and increase your website traffic for free. In later editions will discuss other techniques.

Create a Facebook Fan page: If you have a business, then by this time I know you would have created a page right now. If you don’t have Facebook page, I would ask you to create Facebook page. Facebook is the only place through which I’m getting 40% of my traffic regardless of SEO techniques.  Never place links on your Facebook page without thumbnails. A picture serves better than text links. Be interactive and ask your users to be a part of something useful. If your website is providing something good to users, ask your fans to make use of it. Give freebies. It does not mean that you would have to spend few bucks from your pocket. A free eBook can be better than giving someone hard copy of your book. Place polls and events on your Fan Page.

And Then Twitter Account: Most of us now have a twitter account. But do you have a twitter profile for your business or website? If you have a twitter profile for your website, then it’s good. If you don’t have, then create a twitter profile for your website with good name. Short and simple tweets play big role. Interact with your followers’ with @reply and often use the # hash tags in your tweets. Never ever use all those technical terms that people don’t understand. You just have 140 characters to describe what you have got for your followers. Make proper use of it in describing your idea. Place pictures often along with your links to your product.  Shorten your links using

Photos matter a lot in Flickr: Some people often think Flickr as a photo sharing website. But it’s not. It has communities within. If you have a Flickr account, then you might know that people can become friends here and can share their photos, post comments and like. Flickr can be very useful if you have friends. Post your photos. It might be some photos from your office or a Infographic. People are starving for information, so if you have something good for them, they will eventually visit your website without any doubt.

Social Bookmarking Sites: Social Bookmarking sites are sites which provide you to place your bookmarks online regardless of browsers for offline. Creating bookmarking accounts on sites like Digg, Stumble Upon, Delicious and Reddit can increase your traffic sky high. When you have accounts on your bookmarking sites you are posting the links. People as I said will search something on these sites and then they find your website to be useful. They find their answer by visiting your website and thus increase your website traffic.

Forums never get old: People sometimes feel that Forum is an old concept of link building and getting traffic to your website can be tough. They also say that Forum is a part of SEO. The answer is Yes and No. Forums are old techniques of building links and getting traffic but they will remain young. They won’t go anywhere else because a forum is a platform where people discuss something and it cannot be replaced by any other thing. Be a part of forums. You know people like to discuss and share something they have found something new. Utilize the forum and be a presenter which means start a discussion about your product and ask users to reply to your thread and what they think about the product. Lots of companies like Apple and PayPal have created their own forums on their sites and they can bring life to their website.

Lock The Buttons: As I said earlier SMO cannot be treated to be as a part of SEO. It’s just co-related to SEO. This means, you are not doing anything on your website to help increase your traffic. But with the arise of open source APIs and various social buttons, SMO is just a one minute part of SEO. That means integrating social buttons will show your social presence and then people will either follow you on twitter or like your page on Facebook. Placing the social sharing buttons on your website can increase traffic to your website. Because if the user finds your content or product to be useful, they will share it with others.

To be frank SMO just like SEO will remain alive and will never go anywhere. The only thing is SMO depends on how you create buzz and how people react to it.

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